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January 12, 2013
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It all happen the night Jack had turned the test day into a snow day. The kids couldn't see Cupid at all and only kept playing with Jack. He tried, Cupid had witness this, Jack had tried very hard for the kids to believe in her. To believe in Cupid with her heart-tipped arrows that pierced one with love, but they were just kids and the idea of crushing on someone was gross.

Cupid had only stayed a while before flying off, assuring Jack that Pitch, or Puki, wouldn't attack her during the day. She had been right about Pitch not showing himself during the day, but Jack had been too occupied playing with Jamie and the others to notice when the sun had set. He had made sure all the kids were home safely and then noticed that Cupid had not come back.

"Are you sure she's here?" Jamie asked, still questioning if such a person existed. "Isn't Cupid that naked, chubby angel in Valentine cards? I heard mom say once that Cupid shot at her with an arrow, but she said it was a boy."

"No, no. Cupid is a girl about this tall with blonde hair and pink eyes." Jack had held his hand in the air to give him an idea of Cupid's height. It wasn't that tall. "She wears clothes and has wings coming out of her back."

"So she's an angel?"

"You can say that." Jack nodded at the idea. Cupid did look like an angel, a cute, mischievous angel. "She's the Easter bunny's little sister, but she's a bit harder to see that he is."

"An angel is the little sister of a bunny?" Jamie questioned as Jack began to climb out the window.

"Yeah, it's weird, but true." he floated outside the window. "I'll go find her and I'll bring her over to meet you as soon as I can. I'll keep the snow days until the weekend, for the sake of you guys meeting her."

With that he flew off into the night as Sandy began his nightly routine of creating dreams. If there was anyone who would believe in Cupid and be able to see her, it was Jamie. He was the first to believe in Jack Frost, and Jack could already see that the boy believed in Cupid simply because Jack told him he was keeping an eye on her.

It was his second job after becoming a guardian, his first was to protect the children, and he had messed it up. He couldn't find Cupid and couldn't feel her in the wind currents. He looked for her in places couples would normally go to because he thought he would find her there. He went to parks, movie theaters, restaurants, and homes, but Cupid was nowhere to be found and he was panicking.

It was Sandy that caught his slip up and called out to him from the sky. When Jack settle next to him, Sandy created an image above him with the gold sand he controlled. The image, much to Jack's confusion, was the image of a heart with a question mark beside it.

"Are you asking me for Cupid?" he asked, to which Sandy nodded. "Wouldn't it be easier to asked with a bow and arrow? That gives the image of Cupid."

Sandy shook his head and made another heart which made Jack wonder, "Are you calling her Love, too?" Sandy nodded.

Jack sighed. He still didn't understand why all of them called her Love instead of Cupid. Why was she introduced to him as Cupid if everyone else was going to call her Love? They couldn't all have what she had, that strange thing where she called them by different names. Maybe they knew something about her that they didn't bother to tell him. Something to do with why they called her Love and not Cupid.

"I sort of lost her." Jack said sheepishly as he was Sandy place a hand on his forehead. "Come on, how hard is it to find Love—I mean Cupid."

He still couldn't call her that. It sounded weird. Everything with that seemed weird. 'How hard is it to find Love?' Well, judging by the many single people around and lots of separated couple as well as divorces, very hard, very hard indeed.

"Can you help me find her?" he asked Sandy, who didn't even take a second to nod his head saying yes. "Great, lets go!"

Sandy was a great help with tracking Cupid down. It had something to do with the kids' dreams of what they loved, which she was attracted to like a bee to honey. When they had found her it was the whole nightmare fiasco all over again. They found her in an alley having a conversation with Pitch that had made her land on the ground.

Cupid had not planned on staying away from Jack longer than an hours, but she couldn't just stand there and watched as he had fun with the kids. After he had tried to make the kids believe in her, Cupid had felt a bit blue. No pun intended regarding Jack's pale, blue-like skin at times. Cupid couldn't stand being thought of as gross and associated with cooties.

After the sun had set and the moon had rose up to take its place, Cupid had found a roof top and sat there looking up at it. Maybe he would speak to her that night, though, he never had spoken her after he brought her back, after he called her Cupid and showered her with love to share with others. Hope was the last to die, Cupid thought, and that was why she took a few hours during the night to shower the Moon with the love he had showered her in.

"It's wonderful to see you again, Love." his voice made Cupid feel asphyxiated. "I see that you're not being chaperoned by Jack Frost tonight."

"I'm not interested." Cupid said and hoped that he understood everything she wanted to say with those three words. It was how 'I hate you' was replaced in her because she couldn't hate anyone.

"You have me all wrong. Whatever it was the guardians told you about what I did," he paused and reached a hand to her, but Cupid pulled away from him, "I simply want to be believed in, I want to be seen. . .you know what its like just like Jack knew, but he's a guardian now and doesn't think of us who can't be seen anymore. He can't see how lonely we are."

"You can't fool me," Cupid said sharply. "I know what you want. You want to induce fear, make nightmares come to life in the hearts of kids. I can't have that—I won't have such a thing! Jokul didn't forget how it is when no one believes in you. He wants them to believe in me and be able to see me because he thinks I'm sad and lonely."

"He's doing it for his own selfish needs." Pitch hissed. "Can't you see? You asked him to protect you. You asked him to take time from his fun snow days and to actually work. Bodyguard work. You're a hassle for him, a problem in his daily rule free life style.  That boy died before he got to experience the other side of you, Love, that's why he can only see you as cute and adorable. He can't see the threat I can make you turn into. The others can see it: kids, teenagers, adults. Your the only spirit that can cross age barriers—time barriers."

"No one should be afraid of love." Cupid jumped down from the roof and landed in front of Pitch in the alley. "I am stronger that Puki. Love does cross barriers, and that includes fear!"

"We can stand here and argue all night long, but you and I both know the truth. Fear exist and is tied to love. The fear of losing a loved one. The fear of having someone reject your love. The fear that comes with loving someone and think they will only break your heart into piece that will never be able to be placed together again. Love creates fear and that can scar a child like no other belief because it is tied to everything."

What could she say to that? Cupid knew he was right because she had seen it so many times. Kids that got crushes on people they shouldn't have gotten crushes on. Little kids that called one other boyfriend and girlfriend and getting ridiculed for it. Some kids that loved their parents with everything they had and then be rejected harshly by them. It was horrible, hurtful, scarred them so deeply that they related love with fear. Fear of rejection, the fear of getting hurt again because they wanted to share their love.

"Get away from her!" Cupid hadn't noticed when Jack landed in front of her and blasted Pitch with ice. Sandy arrived soon after and motioned he would take care of the weaken Pitch and for Jack to stay with her. "Cupid, are you alright? You look. . .my color."

Jack reached out to take a strand of loose hair, with feathers in it, and placed it behind her ear. Cupid could feel the coolness of his finger tips, feeling the cold air kiss her skin where his fingers traced but didn't touch. And Jack could feel the warmth emitting from her skin, the warmth that gave her skin that glow even tough it was night. He had thought the sun was what made her shine like that, but it was simply Cupid glowing.

He didn't want to touch her. Cupid was everything warm, that was why her skin glowed, why her cheeks were always flushed, why her eyes looked at everything with adoration. Jack was everything cold: his skin was pale, his hair was white, his touch was cold. Touching someone so warm like Cupid, he would feel deathly cold to her. But he need her to get her mind off that fear sparked by that conversation with Pitch.

"You know," he said trying to calm the girl down, "you're kind of cute when you're completely lost."

"L-lost?" Cupid asked in a soft, dazed voice.

"Do you even know where you are, Cupid?" Jack asked as Cupid searched around them. "You're at a house with an old woman who lost her husband years ago. I heard her saying something about her 'lost love' and thought you would be lost here."

Her eyes glittered with forming tears and Jack panicked. What had he said now that made her cry? He wouldn't hear the end of this from Bunnymund, he was sure of it. If that over grown kangaroo held a grudge over a snowstorm on Easter Sunday, he would forever hold a grudge on him for making Cupid cry.

"Hey, come on now, you weren't that sacred of Pitch, were you?" he asked while trying his best to not reach out to her. Her tears, though, were making it hard for him to keep his hands on his staff. "I've seen love over come death, there is nothing more fearful than that, right?"

Cupid wiped her tears away with the back of her hands. "That not right."

"Huh?" Jack was leaning down to catch a look at her face. She still looked a bit shaken, but seemed to be coming back to her senses. "Are you serious? Death's not the number one fearful thing?"

"It's public speaking."

"You have got to be kidding me." Jack could already see Cupid's lips twitching to a small smile. "How do you even know that?"

"Because," she looked at him with her large, pink eyes, "People have fallen in love with those who were scared to death while speaking publicly. Thought is was very admirable."

She was looking like her normal self now, Jack thought. Cupid's eyes were filling up with love instead of fear. He still thought it was strange, though, how it only looked like Pitch was speaking to her and yet he can induced enough fear for Cupid's eyes to lose their love for everything around her. If he asked her, would she tell him or keep it to herself? He had time to think about it as they made their way to a more lit place. A place closer to the moon.

"Are you alright now?" Jack asked Cupid as she managed to make a nest out of snow on the branch of a tree. "Cupid, won't you be cold in there?"

"Love melts the ice of frozen hearts." she answered as she curdled into a ball. "And I'm alright, really. I won't disappear on you again."

"Was he temping you to join him?" they had talked about this and she had said he couldn't. Jack was still worried about it because that was how Pitch had tried to get him, but she was shaking her head. "Then why were you so shaken up when we got there? Sandy's still doing his thing, maybe he'll spare a bit of sand on you."

"I don't want to sleep." Cupid told him as she sat up in her snow built nest. "I want to talk."

"What about?" he wondered with a guarded look on his face.

"About what Puki said. Jokul, I'm the cause of my fears and pain." she said it with so much pain that he could feel it. "I give people fears, cause them pain, and hurt them in the worst ways. It's how people say: love makes you blind, deaf, and stupid. I cause a lot of problems."

"That's what he told you?" Jack stood up, anger written across his face as he looked at Cupid. Because of how they both were, Cupid seated and Jack standing, it made her look all that smaller and him that much larger. "You can't be serious! Getting depressed and fearful because he said you caused all those things? You're called Love by the four guardians, love is something wonderful that drives all of them. They love Love, that what you said, and they want to protect that love. And here you are, talking nonsense."

Cupid looked away from him and said nothing.

"I'm considering throwing a snowball at your face." Cupid looked up at him quickly catching sight of  the snowball ready in his hand. "Should I give you three seconds?"

As soon as the snowball left his hand, Cupid was gone and looking up from beneath the tree. She was sticking her tongue out at him, which surprisingly was a sweet red color that looked like the red caramel of a candy apple. Everything about her was cute and sweet, how could Pitch convince her she was the cause of pain and fear? She still reminded him of a strawberry coated marshmallow, now with red caramel added.

That night Jack found out that Cupid had deadly accurate aim, but she was Cupid. It shouldn't have surprised him that even from a mile away, hiding behind a tree, and even with his staff to protect him, Cupid still managed to hit him square in the face. She even told him that a fierce snowball fight was the beginning of a love story, but with Cupid, what wasn't the beginning of a lover story? She could even change the beginning of fear to the beginning of a love story.

She could make a snowball the main topic of a romantic story; she would make that snowball the beginning of the best love story written of this season.
How do you all like it so far? :]

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