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January 10, 2013
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Cupid had learned of Jack Frost through Bunnymund who had insisted she not meet the winter spirit, but it had not turned out how the East bunny had wanted. The moment Jack had become one of the guardians, Cupid knew that she would have to meet him sooner or later. It was a wonder why they had never met before, but she thought it was do to lack of attention on both their parts.

When Pitch had failed at his attempt on ridding the world of the guardians, Cupid had been one of the most happiest of spirits. But that had not lasted long because soon after she had met Pitch in person and accidentally had started the fuse for a new plan. The moment his bright yellow eyes met her hot pink gaze, she could feel it inside him. His admiration of her work, the affection he held for this new sinister idea. He loved her from the moment he had seen her because she was the perfect person for his triumph.

The Moon had warned them, she knew for a fact that he had even though he had not spoken to her since the night she became who she was now. It was a story she didn't like telling and a past she didn't want to remember, though, Tooth had once offered her the full memory of the day before she turned. All Cupid cared about was that the Moon had spoken to her, called her Cupid, and that she had woken up to the warm sensation that only love could create.

She had arrived at the North Pole like she usually did when called on by North: shoved into a bag by Yetis and thrown into a magic portal. It was thrilling, she thought, like riding a roller coaster with no metal bar to hold you in. North had seen that she enjoyed that method of traveling and had used it the year before to bring Jack to the workshop. That method of traveling was highly used for guest now.

Once there, Cupid told them what she had seen, what she had felt when locking eyes with Pitch. She confessed she had felt a bit of fear and she was embarrassed for having felt it. They understood and didn't blame her for it because they had at one point felt the same, but she argued that it was different. It had taken four guardians and Jack, now a guardian, to take down Pitch and she was only one person and wasn't even a guardian.

"Puki wants to use me," she told them. Cupid couldn't help what she said, calling the others by different names. Tooth said it was because of who she had been before she became who she was now. "I thought I should tell you before something bad could happen."

"Pitch has no strength over you, Love." Tooth patted Cupid's feathered head. She had been the second guardian Cupid had met when she had first woken. The fairy had been the one to teach Cupid how to use her wings, how to fly, and how to be in many places at once.

"Come on, mate, she can't do this on her own. I can keep my eye on her until Easter." Bunnymund was the first guardian she had met. Actually, she had been found by him and had been with him throughout that year's Easter and help paint some of the eggs.

"No, Bunny, we have new guardian now." North had stepped in and Cupid could feel the passion he held for the idea he had just come up with. It made her feel jittery, like having eaten all the Christmas cookies without drinking the milk. "We now have Jack Frost. He can help Love now. Pitch is not at full strength."

"Jokul Frosti?" Cupid asked, the four guardians turning to look at her. Again, she thought, she had said the wrong name, but she knew it wasn't really wrong. "Jokul, the new guardian, I can meet him?"

"She love Jack already." North laughed, placing a large hand on Cupid's head and messing up her feathery, strawberry blonde hair.

Bunnymund didn't like how North had phrased that. He understood what Cupid stood for and understood the fact that there was nothing she didn't love. Even when it came to Pitch the small sized girl had love for him. Why that was, even she couldn't explain to them, but it was something in her that kept her loving someone like that even if it was just a pinch of love.

When Cupid set eyes on Jack, well, she loved him. It was because of those around her that she instantly liked the boy. Tooth loved his sparkling white teeth and that love was transmitted to Cupid who couldn't help herself but pry his mouth open with Tooth. North liked everyone, so Cupid wasn't surprised of the affection he held for Jack. Sandy was in good terms with him also and even Bunnymund had a soft spot for him.

Cupid saw him as any love spirit would see him; he was handsome and tall with hair as white as snow with teeth to match. His eyes were the water of melted ice or frozen water, a blue like no human could have without calling them ice cold eyes. She had heard electric blue, sparkling blue, even a vulture eye, but Jack's eyes weren't like that. A sparkling, pale blue sounded contradicting to her and didn't feel like it described his eyes how she saw them.

She wanted to touch him. His skin was as pale as the moon and his lips of the same color. Cupid wanted to take her sandals off and walk around barefoot like he did, but she feared she'd lose a foot if she walked out barefooted in the snow. Then again, she wanted to go poke his feet with her own bare ones.

He didn't like how she called him, didn't like that every time she spoke to him or of him she said the name Jokul instead of Jack. She didn't try to explain because it was too hard for her to explain this strange phenomenon that was her. She called Pitch 'Puki', which could be taken wrong because of lovers calling each other that. And every time he opened her mouth to say Jack, what came out was 'Jokul'. It was their names, but different.

That whole wrong-naming thing was so bad that she could never call North, well, North. She had called him Odin when she had first saw him. Cupid had actually been trying to say Santa Claus and then Santa, but what kept coming out was Odin. When they had explained that he was known as North, she kept calling him Odin. It was a miracle that she had managed to call him North, but it had taken her a long time.

Her first day with Jack was absolute fun because they were getting to know what the other could do. From freezing a complete street and forcing the people to close it to experiencing the blossoming of young love. Also, Bunnymund had somehow gotten wind of the challenge Jack had proposed her and was lecturing Cupid on how not to listen to a rebellious, young winter spirit.

"So," Jack was sitting beside her on a leafless tree, "What's your story on why the Easter kangaroo is so protective of you?"

"Kangaroo? All this time I've been thinking he was a bunny." Cupid giggled.

"Come on, have you really seen a rabbit that big?" Jack poked at her with his staff. "Have you seen him all small, cute, and fluffy?"

Cupid's face grew bright with the image Jack had provided her with. "Never! I want to see Bunny small, cute, and fluffy!"

"If I had a picture I would show you, but I really don't." Cupid titled her head in confusion. "But seriously, you look at that rabbit like if he's you older brother."

"Because I do think of him as my big brother." Cupid answered and felt an emotion stir in Jack. Had she said something that made him uncomfortable? "When I first opened my new eyes to this world, I was alone and lost and all I could see was black. I took a while for me to understand what was going on, but Bunny found me and cared for me. My first flight was because of him and it was during an Easter Sunday."

"It wasn't Easter Sunday of sixty-eight, was it?" Jack grinned and Cupid's face lit up again. She could feel the emotion he felt for that day, though, she knew that had started the fights with Bunny.

"My first flight was way before you came along." she told him and saw how his eyes grew wide with surprise. She could see his blue eyes better now and she liked that. "Didn't they tell you? Compared to me, you're a toddler."

"Wait, what?" he stood up and she stood up with him. She didn't understand why people measured height, when it came to age as that sort of thing didn't matter. "You must have changed when you were really young and . . . under developed?"

"Under developed?" Cupid mused, flying in a circle to show Jack she was perfectly developed into the young lady she was. "My body shows that I'm a young lady. A teenager just like yourself, and I would have been older than you if I hadn't changed."

"I'm three hundred and eighteen years old. How much older than me can you possibly be?" he asked with a grin mostly expecting the answer to be only a couple of days apart. He was wrong, though, very much wrong.

"About two hundred year older," Cupid stated with arms crossed over her chest. She was flying slightly higher so she was able to look down at him. It was better to have the higher grown when claiming seniority. "I'm around five hundred and fourteen years old. And I think I look pretty good for my age."

Jack looked her over in one nod. "If you say so."

Cupid took an arrow from her back and pointed it at him. "You need to respect your elders."

"That thing can't seriously hurt me, can it?" he was smiling. He thought her arrows only made people fall in love. "It would only make me love you, right?"

"I don't need an arrow to be loved." Cupid explained calmly. "I'm a love sprite. Anyone, or anything, would love me without having been shot by my arrow. Loving Love, that's how people describe it now."

"Really," he raised a skeptical brow at her, "You mean when people say they're in love with love, it really means they love you?"

Cupid nodded with a cheerful smile on her lips.

"Alright," Jack throw his hands in the air in defeat, "Now I've heard everything. I've even heard that the Easter kangaroo is the older brother of Cupid."

Cupid blinked her hot pink eyes at him. "You know, I can see now why Bunny has problems with you."

"Oh, come on." he leaned down to poke at her cheeks with the curved end of his staff. "I thought you were fun and games like I am. If you want, I can also be a big brother figure to you. Doesn't it sound better: Cupid, little sister of Jack Frost."

"Little?!" she was glaring, but her tone was friendly and playful, "If anything it should be: Cupid, p;der sister of Jokul Frosti."

He tapped her on the head with his staff. "It's Jack Frost, you red dyed dove. J-a-c-k. F-r-o-s-t."

"That's what I said," Cupid argued, "Jokul Frosti."

He narrowed his eyes at her in a playful manner, but she could see that it really bothered him that she kept getting his name wrong. Well, partially wrong, but Cupid doubted he knew that he also had multiple images depending on where he was. She also had multiple images and names as well. Maybe not as much as him an the other guardian, but she had other alias.

"About Pitch—"

"Puki," Cupid interrupted and then remembered what it would sound like to him. "I mean. . . P-Pu. . . I can't. . ."

"I didn't know it was like that—"

"It's not!" Cupid snapped at him. "It hard to explain, but I do say your name right and I do say his name right also, but it comes out different. Your name is Jokul and his is Puki."

"My name is Jack." he said.

"I know, and that's what Jokul is." she argued. "You know how the guardians are known differently depending on where they are?" Jack nodded knowing exactly what she was speaking of. "Well for some reason that we still don't understand, I call others by their different names. That's why I call you Jokul."

"Because it's my name?" he asked and Cupid nodded. "You want to say Jack, but Jokul comes out of your mouth?" she nodded again. "This makes no send to me, but I guess I could get used to it. Jokul, huh?"

"Jokul Frosti." Cupid said before taking a dive from the tree branch and landed on a pile of snow. "And you're going to help keep Puki away from me."

"I still can't see him with that name." Jack offered her his staff and pulled her up into the air when she took it. She was as light as a feather and pulling her up just made her fly around him. "I still don't understand what Pitch wants with you. Kids don't believe in you and can't see, so why would he target you?"

"I've told you," she said, "Love isn't seen, well it is, but it is much more important to feel it. One can fake love by sight, but here, inside you," she pointed at his chest, "You can't fake when you love someone and that person can feel it in their chest also when they are loved. Well, most of the time. It's really hard to see and feel love."

"And Bogey wants that," Jack asked as he followed Cupid, "He wants the affection you help create in people. But why didn't he try this before? Why now?"

"He had never seen me before." Cupid explain. "I know that he knew I was here because he could see it in the children. Saw how much love they had for the guardians, for friends, and family, but I guess he never thought of me as a spirit. He saw I was one of you and the idea clicked in his head: love is easier than anything else to corrupt. Destroy love and everything goes down with it."

"Destroy love." Jack mused aloud. Hearing it come from him made him think differently of the comment. The other guardians called her Love and putting it as 'destroy love', it gave him chills. Gave 'him' chills, which wasn't possible.

"The others think I can protect you?" he asked her, skeptical at the idea.

"The Moon knows you can protect me." she answered. "And I can fight, too, you know. These arrows aren't for show."

"You're Cupid," he poked at her with the staff again as he didn't want to fly into the air with her. He thought that he might mess with the wind current and make her fall. "You make people fall in love, give that fuzzy warm feeling, and sometimes make them fall in love with the wrong person."

"Hey," she stopped and swatter at his staff with her bow, "That is not my fault. Unless you take responsibility for chaotic blizzard and disastrous avalanches, I don't take responsibility in humanly wrong pickings."

"Fair enough." he nodded at her. "Any idea of when Pitch will try something? Maybe he'll try an temp you to join him."

Cupid scoffed, but it was something rather cute when done by her. "Temptation? Where do you think temptation, pleasure, passion, and desire come from? Tempting the one who does the tempting, it's like trying to make you catch a cold."

Jack laughed. "Are you telling me you rein over all that? Sorry, but you don't look the type to entice 'pleasure', 'passion', and 'desire'. You look more like the chubby cherub that only works with puppy love."

"You are so lucky I have to stay on the down low or else you'd be in some serious trouble with love sickness." she pouted and looked away, which only made him laugh again. It only took a second for her to start speaking to him again though. "Do you hear that? I think someone is calling you. A kid, I think."

"We're outside of town." he told her. "You can seriously hear someone from this far?"

"I can't hear them," she explain, "I can feel them calling you, like hearing the whispers from the heart. I keep hearing 'Please, please, Jokul, make it a snow day today' and there are others saying: 'Jokul, I don't want to take the test. I didn't study!' You are very popular now."

Jack looked at her, his blue eyes filled with curiosity of this new sprite he had run into. There was still many secrets he didn't know about other spirits, their abilities and powers. Cupid could actually hear the hearts of those around her even if they were miles and miles away. That was how she knew, Jack thought, that was how she had known Pitch had targeted her the moment he had laid eyes on her.

"Jokul," her warm voice brought him from his thoughts, "are you going to make it a snow day?"

"Are you sure about wanting that?" he asked with a mischievous grin, "Isn't that going to interfere with your 'whispers of the heart' or 'temptation' management?"

"Shut up." she said with a bright smile. "The best day to fall in love is on a snow day. Huddled up on a couch while sharing a blanket with your loved one and drinking hot chocolate—best love story in the making!"

Jack let her lead the way to where she heard the kids calling his name. Because it was his name, Jack, and not 'Jokul' as Cupid had said. He watched Cupid flying in the air, all the while thinking that he could see why they confused her as a chubby cherub. She wasn't chubby, but she gave out the same jolly feeling as Santa Claus. Jack thought that if Tooth and North had a kid, that kid would look like Cupid.

With the last statement she had made, about the snow day and the best love story in the making, it made him see how she got along with Bunnymund. Love and hope go hand in hand, and in this case, hope was thought of as an older brother by love.
I guess since I got really nice comments on the first I decided to check the second chapter and posted up faster than expected/ Enjoy :]

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